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Choose thermal windows or sealed units in Montreal

Do the windows in your home or commercial establishment often fog up and need to be changed? Do you have a project that requires the installation of standard sealed units or thermal windows in Montreal? Vitrerie Renovatech inc. is a family business established for more than 35 years and has more than 45 years of experience in the industry. We have the team of experts you need for the installation and replacement of various glass products, including the indispensable thermal windows. Installing thermos glass on your windows will give you clear, crisp windows. You will be able to see through your windows, unobstructed and enjoy a clear view to the outside. The thermos also allows you to avoid the accumulation of fumes on your windows by optimizing the energy efficiency.


What is a Sealed Unit?

A sealed unit is when two or more sheets of glass are attached together with an air gap between them, creating an insulating glass unit. This greatly reduces heat loss from windows, but also from any other product with such a composition (doors, cellars, etc.).


A Fast and Full Service

Vitrerie Renovatech inc. sells, installs and replaces thermal windows and sealed units in Montreal. You can also purchase sash and casement windows and sealed units for doors. Before we offer thermos replacement as a solution to your problems, we inspect your windows to ensure that all mechanisms are in good condition. This evaluation allows us to guarantee you lasting results and a job well done. When the glass is in good condition, we keep it and do the work properly. You'll notice the difference in heating and cooling costs and the performance of the glass. In all cases, you can count on a professional and efficient team to ensure quality results.

Call us for a free measurement and estimate for thermal windows in Montreal, but also to limit unwanted temperature variations in your property or business!


The Thermos and Its Role in a Window

The thermos, also called pane, glass or glazing, is a sealing device installed in the window frame. It is double or triple. Its main function is to improve the energy performance of glazing: that is why it is necessary to add a low-emissivity film and fill the glass with gas.

The life span of windows, depending on the material, is generally about 20 years. For thermal windows, the life span can vary depending on the following reasons
-glass breakage
-thermal breakage
-deteriorating sealant
-seal that deteriorates
-condensation forming between two panes of glass

If your main problem is condensation, examine it carefully before drawing any conclusions. It is normal for condensation to appear on the inside or outside of the window, but if it is between the glass panes, it may be due to loosening. We understand that this situation can be annoying, as not only is the view spoiled, but it is impossible to clean in this area.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of thermal windows in Montreal, contact Vitrerie Renovatech inc.

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