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Are you opting for a shower screen in Montreal?

For the purchase of your new glass shower or your shower screen in Montreal, let our experts advise you on site at our store. They can help you with the best possible configuration, design and choice of hardware.
You can choose from a variety of showers in satin glass or 10 or 12 mm thick tempered glass, whether sliding or on hinges, with mobile or fixed walls. They are suitable for all decors, for renovation or new construction. Glass showers have no molding and can be adapted to all types of bathrooms and any available space. They are custom made to your specifications.

Advantages of glass showers

Whether you're in the middle of a renovation or looking for the best option for your new construction bathroom, it's important to choose the best option for your lifestyle. A glass shower may not be the preferred choice for everyone, but the option is still beneficial for a number of reasons.

Sustainable: Tempered glass showers are harder than untreated glass, leaving your shower doors safer and less likely to break under any impact.

Easy to maintain: Whether you choose tempered glass or satin glass, glass showers remain easy to maintain. Rather resistant to scratches, they only need to be cleaned like the windows of your house in order to maintain the neat appearance of your shower.

Customizable and versatile: From glass doors to metal accents that enhance the look of your bathroom, you can customize your shower to match your new shower to the rest of the room. By being able to choose the design of the doors, the finish of the glass, as well as the accessories, you are sure to obtain a finished product to your taste that fits in a cohesive way with the rest of your decor.

Desirable: If you are remodeling your home or an investment property with the intention of reselling it, consider adding a glass shower. Always chic and in vogue, glass showers never go out of style and can even add value to your property.


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